MisterPote is looking for a web editor: blog

2019-02-04 Off By Maxime Reyt

Required profile

Do you like video games, are you interested in the latest releases of games and you have the taste to write rich content on topics that fascinate you (with a proper spelling)? It might interest you!


– Write content on adding new titles on MisterPote.
– Add new articles for visitors to explain the concept and encourage them to discover the site by registering.
– Also create relevant content for members to bring them information that you find interesting.

What status

MisterPote is a free community site based on the search for video game players, declared to the CNIL under the number 2000796 since October 19, 2016, which gives no benefit and was created to enrich the experience of each player . MisterPote recruits on a voluntary basis.


MisterPote evolves, grows up and has even released version 2.0 of its website.
Those present as participants in the evolution of the site will grow at the same time and reap the benefits when things get more serious.
And why not your future job …


You can send your application from the Facebook page, an answer will be brought to you.