Search players on PC, PlayStation and Xbox?

2019-02-04 Off By Maxime Reyt

Purchase, services, multiplayer and player search

A lot of future players are wondering if they want to play on a PC or on a video game console and the reasons are many. The purchase price of the console or computer, the price of games, accessories and services offered and the multiplayer of course.

For example, Microsoft’s Xbox Live recently introduced a ticket system to search for players on Xbox One and create groups and a list of friends, just as PlayStation does and other PC platforms.

But who has thought to fill these needs of players who have multiple game media and who play in multiplayer? MISTER POTE of course 🙂

From now on if your choice of purchase of video game media must be done with respect to certain criteria, it must not be on the service of connecting players who are looking for other gamers since we do it and for free .

As a reminder, many search criteria can search for players based on their game support, the game they play, their country, their style of play, the type of party sought, whether they have a microphone or not , etc.

More time to lose, to find your gamepad gamer, go to the game show page and the player search page