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Multiplayer: search for players on MISTER POTE

A free site for everyone

MISTER POTE has since been created because many players find it difficult to find other gamers "adapted" to their profile, which wastes time and can also discourage some of us.
Whether you are a beginner or a professional gamer, this site is for everyone!
MISTER POTE offers the player search in two ways:
- The game publication (unlimited) which includes many criteria to know your level, your style of play and of course the game and the support you use.
- The second way to search for players is of course... the search page! Simple, fast and efficient, it allows you to find games of players from which you can come into contact and all over the world (France, Belgium, Canada including Quebec, USA, etc...).

Search for players on PC, PS4, XBOX ONE, PS3 and XBOX 360...

As gamers, many of us own a computer and a video game console(s). MISTER POTE expands the player community by offering the most popular multiplayer media with the most popular video games, but also games that many would have forgotten except a few fans who only want to form a small team... just to play like in the good old days :)

Possibilities for players

Be careful, there is something for everyone! Here is the detail....
As I said, MISTER POTE offers a free player search service thanks to :

Display all your video games (unlimited)

All the criteria necessary to be seen and contacted by the right gamers, by those who match you. Of course, I'm talking about finding people who play like you, with whom you can form a good duo or even a good team.
The criteria?
The video game support used, the game (of course), your game name (not required), your game level, your gameplay (fun, underground, competition), the type of game you want to play (multiplayer, campaign, confrontation, success / trophies), the title of your game publication, a description with your requirements, your availability during the week and day and if you have a microphone.
Show your video games over and over again! You can only display one game for the same support, simply to avoid duplicates. For example, you can display your game Rainbow Six Siege on XBOX ONE and still display this game Rainbow Six Siege on PC but you can't publish twice Rainbow Six Siege on Playstation 4. This way, we avoid duplication and improve your experience on MISTER POTE.
You got it... here it's fun !

The search page with filtering of published games

Fill in at least the game, support and country and start your search. If you wish to refine your game search, you have the following criteria: level of play, gameplay, game type, weekday availability, daytime availability and microphone ownership.
In the results of your search you will also find the age of the player. It seems quite important that gamers have a common state of mind.

Your player card visible to all Internet users even if they are not members

You are visible to all Internet users whether or not they are registered on MISTER POTE. A sharing on Facebook, Twitter, a search on Google and your map will be visible and accessible.
However, you will need to be connected to get in touch with you.

A messaging system

A small bubble at the top right of your screen tells you how many messages you have received. A reliable indicator that will remind you to answer another player or delete their message if you wish.

Your player card

Your new ID card! Accessible by all Internet users (members or not), your published games appear there as well as all the essential information that will tell Internet users who you are, in particular thanks to a description and a motto that you can complete.
No game nickname will be communicated if you have not entered it.

And more new features to come !

MISTER POTE is full of surprises and projects of all kinds.
It is important to take into account your experience and we are interested in your opinion. You can therefore suggest your ideas (adding games, features, etc...) by contacting us and we will answer you.


A little news about the evolution of our site, the game titles we are adding for your greatest pleasure. MISTER POTE does not make any news about video games for obvious reasons, since the theme is that of connecting gamers and not information about upcoming and released video games.
Find our blog and the latest articles on the main page of MISTER POTE

The gamer mind on MISTER POTE

As the general conditions of use mention it, it is vital that the greatest respect reigns.
MISTER POTE welcomes all those who are looking for players in a spirit of friendliness and respect. It is not an intimate dating site but a community of video game players, men and women, from novice to professional, casual or geek players, who come into contact in order to spend a pleasant and unconstrained virtual moment in multiplayer.
Isn't that the purpose of the video game? So, to your controllers, mice and keyboards... ready? It's up to you!
When a problem is encountered, it can be reported in contacting us so that a moderation can be made.

Player search on PC

Many platforms such as Steam exist and to make your experience as pleasant as possible, we have not put them in the published games or in the search criteria. However, you can tell other players this information in the description of your publication.
As PC exclusivities are not missing, I invite you to contact us contact us if you want to submit the addition of some titles that are not listed in our directory. There is no guarantee that these will be added, but the more requests are received, the more we will choose them.
See page Multiplayer : search players on PC

Players research on Playstation

Play multiplayer on Sony's PlayStation Network> and enjoy PlayStation exclusives with players that reflect your image.
See page Multiplayer : search players on Playstation

Player research on Xbox

The multiplayer of Microsoft's Xbox Live has won the hearts of players and offers of course its exclusions, refine your gamers' circle!
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